Flash Drives Needed

Partner Uganda works on a variety of projects. The group is also working on providing equipment necessary for a school computer lab. City Secondary School is a school for middle to high school aged Ugandan students. Most of these students have never been able to work with a computer. In today’s world, we feel it is important to provide them the ability to learn basic computer skills for potential jobs in the future. We are currently working with Drake in providing 20 to 30 desktops for the school. In order for students to save their work, we are also collecting flash drives to donate. This is where we need your help! Our goal is to collect 200 flash drives at minimum within the next month. We are accepting new or used flash drives of any size. If you have flash drives that you are willing to donate, please send them to Partner Uganda, c/o Drake University Entrepreneurship Center, 302 Aliber Hall, 2507 University, Des Moines, Iowa, 50311. We greatly appreciate any support in providing to our friends in Uganda!


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