A Warm Thank You To Share

Fall 2013 classes have begun at Drake.  We are now all back together and have great things planned for this school year. Throughout the summer we have made tremendous progress on the construction of the health clinic.  This is all becoming a reality for us and those in the village of Kikwanda.  Professor Senteza recently received a phone call from Mr. James Galabuzi, his father who lives in Kasawo, Uganda.  He shared that the village is so overwhelmed with joy about the health clinic.  He wanted to pass on their thanks and appreciation to “these people from a different land who have selflessly come to make a difference in our community”.  This is all unbelievable for everyone!  We are all grateful for the support given to our project, without it, this would not be possible.  
Below is a picture of groundbreaking on June 9th and a picture showing the construction of the Health Clinic as of 8/24.  Please continue to check back for more updates!
Groundbreaking - June 9th Uganda Heath Clinic 8/24

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