Partner Uganda Announces…

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On Thursday April 11,2013, the efforts of Partner Uganda went public with a Wine & Cheese reception on the Drake University campus.  Members of the community were invited to learn about the Kikandwa Village Medical Clinic project.  Over 70 supporters were in attendance, including administrators and faculty from Drake as well as prominent figures in the Des Moines community.

We are fortunate to be partnered with Shining City Foundation, which acts as the fiscal agent for the medical clinic project.  Speaking at the Wine & Cheese event, Dan Timmons, Executive Director of SCF, praised the efforts of Partner Uganda and announced a $6,000 matching grant challenge. For every dollar, up to $6000, raised in conjunction with the event, SCF will match it dollar-for-dollar.  Not only we were excited to accept SCF’s challenge – we rocked it!  To date, we have received more than $6,800 in donations from this event alone — plus we received the SCF grant of $6,000!  During this academic year we have raised over $42,000 towards the total projected construction costs of $136,000+.  The project is divided into several phases and we now have enough to officially announce…

Phase 1 GROUND BREAKING—JUNE 9, 2013!!!

The Kikandwa Village Medical Clinic project is no longer a dream; it’s becoming a reality thanks to the support and encouragement of our many friends and partners.  We are especially grateful for Lyle Simpson’s generosity of hosting the Wine & Cheese reception—it gave us an opportunity to share our enthusiasm for this special project with others.

While we’ve made significant progress, much work remains to be done.  For further information regarding the details of the Kikwanda Village Medical Clinic project, click here. To make a financial contribution to the project, click here.

Please join us on our journey by following this blog. We will share additional details about our efforts in the near future.

So, in closing…. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We could not do this without your support!

President Dr. David Maxwell

Drake President David Maxwell

Lyle Simpson

Lyle Simpson, event sponsor

Professor Jimmy Senteza

Drake Professor Jimmy Senteza

Drew Harkins, Drake student and health clinic committee memeber

Drew Harkins, Drake student and health clinic committee member


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